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A Dog's Journey: A Novel (A Dog's Purpose Series Book 2).epub elbeval




pdf. They are one-liners, as in an Oscar Wilde "Two things I know, and I can't believe I know them: that the moon is made of green cheese, and that I love you." 1. The story (2/3rds) The plot of the first half is the dog coming to the city where he realizes his purpose and is loved. After this, the plot goes into the second half, where the dog finally understands his purpose, and accepts it. First half The story opens up with Milo and Annie on a road trip. Milo is excited to be going on a trip with his best friend. After they get to the city, Milo gets off the bus and goes to the window to look out. He sees a street full of garbage, and he feels that he is supposed to change it somehow. After a little while, Milo sees a woman with a dog. He feels so happy that he doesn't know what to do with his happiness. He runs to her, and at that moment she disappears. After Milo figures out that the woman was holding the dog's leash, he realizes that he has to keep this in mind. When they get to the downtown area, Milo notices an apartment building that is being repaired. He sees an area that is in terrible shape, and he thinks that the building can be repaired. Milo gets a job at the Dog Problem Solving Agency (DPSA). He gets to meet other dogs like him, and people that love them. He meets Annie, and together they try to save his home in the city. Second half At the end of the first half of the story, Milo and Annie come back to the city. Milo is happy to see it. He tells Annie that he is now the resident dog of a street where the people live. He notices that he can do a lot of good in the city. He gets excited when he looks at the city. Milo talks to the Mayor of the city and asks about the problems with the homeless people. He gets a chance to work with a local police officer, Max. Max sees the difference that Milo is making in the city. Max thinks that Milo is a star. Milo is happy for Max. He starts working at the DPSA, and he gets to know the other dogs in the agency. Milo goes to get drinks at a local bar with his friends. He has a great time, but he




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A Dog's Journey: A Novel (A Dog's Purpose Series Book 2).epub elbeval
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